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Brennan Healing ScienceĀ®

For all those souls longing to heal themselves and initiate transformation in their life.

Womb Healing

For the women who want to connect with their feminine essence and heal distortions in their womb.

Higher Self Alignment

For the individuals who want to realize true longings in their lives and tune into their highest potential.

Read here the wonderfull healing experiences some of my clients shared.

I look at a healing process or period of psychological crisis as a part of the Awakening journey that individuals are going through. Healing is bringing Remembrance to those places that have forgotten their Divine Essence. When Remembrance flows into the process of healing, creating integration with Source and Individual Essence, a joyful pleasure is experienced. It is very pleasurable to Remember your True Being!

I am here to help individuals Remember.

You are very welcome to start a healing journey with me.



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Daily Practices to Raise Your Energy Frequency

by Yara van den Eertwegh

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” Your energy field vibrates in different frequencies. Areas that are blocked, stuck in a pattern, depleted or misaligned with your true being are vibrating in a low frequency. Areas that are in an open flow with your life force, connected with your Core Essence and Remembering their true potential, are vibrating in a high frequency. Keeping your energy frequency high has a broad influence on your life. It creates the opportunity for your whole system to align with the greatest aspect of who you are.”
Excerpt from Daily Practices to Raise Your Energy Frequency by Yara van den Eertwegh