Brennan Healing Science

“Healing is bringing Remembrance to those places that have forgotten their Divine Essence.”

Brennan Healing Science®

Brennan Healing Science® has a holistic and holographic approach to health and wellbeing. Unique to this way of energy healing is the multidimensional healing modality. Brennan Healers do not only work on the auric dimension (personality), but also the dimension of the Hara (see Higher Self Alignment Healings) and the Essence of the client. This makes it possible to facilitate healing on deeper, more sustainable dimensions of the human being.

Although healing can occur in a flash of second, it is often an unfolding process of transformation. Fueled by a shift in consciousness. To facilitate the process of awareness in the issue, I integrate conversation and (energy)body awareness in the sessions as well.

Barbara Brennan®

Barbara Brennan® is a world-renowned spiritual leader, healer and educator. She is a former NASA scientist and has different degrees in the fields of Philosophy, Theology and (Atmospheric) Physics. She dedicated her life to exploring the human energy consciousness system. She founded the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science® in 1982, a renowned international energy healing training school.

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For Who

For all those souls longing to heal themselves and initiate transformation in their life. I call this the path of Awakening. We have entered a period of time where human beings are more and more waking up to their divine essence and full potential. I am here to support individuals on this journey.

Questions of help can present themselves on the physical, energetic, mental, emotional or spiritual level. You are very welcome to contact me with questions about your presenting complaint. 

Some examples:

  • The desire to open one’s heart.
  • Not feeling safe in the body or here on earth.
  • A period of deep feelings, change and transformation, or dark night of the soul.
  • Health problems in combination with the desire to gain awareness in the presented complaint.

Check the FAQ page for more information on energy healing and practicalities.

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How I work

During the online sessions I create a sacred healing space for the client. In the healing sessions I combine my intuition, knowledge of energy healing techniques and specific guidance given by spirit helpers. I ‘listen’ on a deeper level to the need of the client and the consciousness of the area of presenting complaint. I open up for the high healing frequencies that come through my being and hands. I am the conductor, facilitating a healing space for clients in their self-initiated healing process.

Sessions start with sharing, reflecting and sensing in. The healing follows after that.

You are so welcome, with all of your longings, needs, fears, feelings and divine essence.


Intake 20 Minutes: Free

3 Healing Sessions 75 Minutes: 333 Euro

6 Healing Sessions 75 Minutes: 600 Euro

10 Healing Sessions 75 Minutes: 900 Euro

Single sessions are available after a completion of one of the packages. I do not offer single healing sessions on their own, because it is my experience that a healing process gets the change to deepen with more time, commitment and energy work. 

In the situation of insufficient financial resources, we can come to a personal discount in consultation.