Energetic Self-care is very important to stay balanced in this world of great stimulants, technology and social activities. It is also of importance in the path of awakening; Remembering who you truly are.

I have written an E-book, with information and practices, to help you increase and stay in a high energy frequency during your day.

Excerpt from the E-book:

Daily Practices to Raise Your Energy Frequency

“ Your energy field vibrates in different frequencies. Areas that are blocked, stuck in a pattern, depleted or misaligned with your true being are vibrating in a low frequency. Areas that are in an open flow with your life force, connected with your Core Essence and Remembering their true potential, are vibrating in a high frequency.

It has a broad influence on your life when you take care of a high energy frequency. It creates the opportunity for your whole system to align with the greatest aspect of who you are. When you take care of your energy frequency consciously, you can notice the effect in the following areas of your life:

  1. Enhancement of your physical health
  2. A deeper sense of happiness
  3. A deeper sense of alignment and connection with your purpose
  4. Deeper relaxation on the physical, mental, psychological and energy levels
  5. Increase in your spiritual evolution
  6. Attract events, persons and experiences that are aligned with your purpose
  7. And way more. “
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Daily Practices to Raise Your Energy Frequency

by Yara van den Eertwegh

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