Energy Healing Boost Session

In the energy healing boost sessions I totally focus on what wants to come through for you at this specific moment in your life. It offers you a boost of high frequencies and an empowered alignment with your soul. It is an intuitive healing, where the direction of the healing is surrendered to the deep pulse of your essence. Because of this surrendered state and opening to the unknown, different light beings join the healing easily, what contributes to strong and surprisingly quick shifts.

These 30 minute sessions are different from the normal 75 minute healing sessions that I offer. In the boost sessions we do not work with a question for help, although you can present a theme that is present in your life. There will be a 5 minute checking in before we start with the healing. The healing is closed without an ‘aftertalk’. I will send you a short summary of the healing by email or by voice message.

The Energy Healing Boost Sessions are of great value when:

  • You are going through a phase of transformation, dealing with it quite good on your own, but wishing to receive energetic support in the process.
  • You want to raise your vibration on a daily basis.
  • You want to align more with who you truly are.
  • You just love to receive healings and the opportunity for transformation they offer you.

I recommend my normal 75 minutes healing sessions when:

  • You want to work with a specific theme or question for help.
  • You have not received a healing before and recently started your conscious journey of transformation and awakening.

How I work

During the online sessions I create a sacred healing space for the client. In the healing sessions I combine my intuition, knowledge of energy healing techniques and specific guidance given by spirit helpers. I ‘listen’ on a deeper level to the need of the client and the consciousness of the area of presenting complaint. I open up for the high healing frequencies that come through my being and hands. I am the conductor, facilitating a healing space for clients in their self-initiated healing process.

You are so welcome, with all of your longings, needs, fears, feelings and divine essence.


Healing Energy Boost Sessions: Donation Basis

The Energy Healing Boost Sessions are on donation basis. 

These sessions are long distance, via Zoom.

You can book your session by sending me an email.