Frequently Asked Questions

The concept of energy healing is centuries old and is practiced in different schools. Simply put, healing is returning to a state of wholeness, where it has ‘forgotten’ its divine essence. Everything is energy (consciousness). The human body, nature, both the visible and the invisible. The human system consists of a physical form and energetic dimensions. These dimensions are the foundation upon which the physical body is built. Everything that occurs in the human being is present in these energetic dimensions: thoughts, feelings, connections with other people, diseases, traumas, and more.

The healer works with high frequencies of energy, clearing, charging, repairing the energy field. He/she is trained to be a pure and sensitive instrument, to transmit higher frequencies of healing to the client. Increasing the life force and helping the presenting complaint to remember it’s divine essence.

For most individuals healing is a pleasant experience. Clients experience a deeper contact with themselves, stillness, their essence and the divine, deep relaxation and contact with positive feelings in themselves such as love, joy, peace, unity, etc. When transforming old limiting pieces, suppressed connected feelings can be released. This makes healing a dynamic process of meeting oneself, with all that is present.

We work through Zoom. Energy is not bound to place and time. I can sense and work with your energy field at a distance.

Yes they are. The advantage for clients is that they can receive healings in their own well know space, which results in a more receptive energy field. And the client does not need to travel after a healing session, which is nicer for the integration of the healing. As a healer, the advantage of long distance healings is that I am not bound to the physical body present in space. I can work freely in all the energetic dimensions.

This differs per individual and depends on the reason for taking healing sessions with me. In general I advise to take a minimum of 3 healing sessions (intake excluded), to give your system the chance to open up and integrate healing on different dimensions. The average is 3-8 sessions.

The frequency depends on your needs and your reason for taking sessions. I advise a frequency between 2 and 3 weeks. In challenging times you might prefer a weekly session. Integration of healing sessions is important. We take that into account when scheduling our next session.

There are several things you can do to prepare yourself for a healing. See the page Self-care before and after healing sessions for the complete information.

Every healing session consists of a conversational part (approximately 20 min) and an energy healing (approximately 50 minutes) part. During the healing I like to stay in contact with you through the zoom connection, while you lay comfortably on a sofa or bed. I follow the flow of the healing vortex and the need of the client. The balance of conversation and healing can vary from session to session.

You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal. All the transaction information can be found in my Letter of Consent, that will be sent to you when you request healing sessions with me.  

Still having questions? Feel free to contact me by email.