Higher Self Alignment

Higher Self Alignment Healings

Higher Self Alignment Healings are powerful and transformative healing sessions. They happen on the level of Intention, a dimension deeper than the auric level. It is from this plane that you create your life. All creation starts with an intention, both conscious and unconscious.

Troubles in creating what you long for, relate to a distortion on this level. This can be experienced in the areas of health, purpose, relational, career, et cetera. There is a split intention present, sometimes experienced consciously by the individual.

This level presents itself in one vertical line, connecting you downwards with the core of the earth and upwards with the Universe. It is the alignment with your Higher Self, expressing itself in your life. A strong alignment results in clear intentions and manifestations of those intentions. It results in a strong presence, connected with the core of the earth, the power in your belly, the longings in your higher heart center and with the Divine.

In the Higher Self Alignment Healings I work on this level, strengthen and repair it, to help you realign with your Higher Self.

For those familiar with Brennan Healing Science®, this work is also called Hara Healing.

For Who

Higher Self Alignment Healings are for those souls longing to live their highest potential, aligned with their Higher Self. It is for those individuals longing to create something specific in their life but experiencing trouble manifesting it.

Higher Self Alignment Healings are of great help in the following situations:

  • In case of repeated hindering patterns or a situation in life that you long to break through.
  • In periods of deeper healing processes and transformations.
  • With questions and doubts around choices, purpose, career, etc.
  • In connecting with the earth on a deeper level and incarnating more fully into the body. In owning your power and increasing your presence.
  • With chronic illnesses, back problems and addictions.

The Process of Realignment

Higher Self Alignment Healings are powerful and transformative. They need sufficient integration time. They need sufficient integration time. For that reason I advise easy days after the healing. I also advise that sessions are planned with enough space in between (approximately one month), for optimal integration. Shifts in life, initiated by the Higher Self Alignment Healings, can be felt subtly or be life changing. All direct manifestations and changes in the physical take time, because the physical reality is more dense and slower in its expression than the energetic reality.

To support and deepen the process of realignment, you will receive important alignment exercises to be done daily.

Check the FAQ page for more information on energy healing and practicalities.

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How I work

During the online sessions I create a sacred healing space for the client. In the healing sessions I combine my intuition, knowledge of energy healing techniques and specific guidance given by spirit helpers. I ‘listen’ on a deeper level to the need of the client and the consciousness of the area of presenting complaint. I open up for the high healing frequencies that come through my being and hands. I am the conductor, facilitating a healing space for clients in their self-initiated healing process.

Sessions start with sharing, reflecting and sensing in. The healing follows after that.

You are so welcome, with all of your longings, needs, fears, feelings and divine essence.


Intake 20 Minutes: Free

3 Healing Sessions 75 Minutes: 333 Euro

6 Healing Sessions 75 Minutes: 600 Euro

10 Healing Sessions 75 Minutes: 900 Euro

Single sessions are available after a completion of one of the packages. I do not offer single healing sessions on their own, because it is my experience that a healing process gets the change to deepen with more time, commitment and energy work. 

In the situation of insufficient financial resources, we can come to a personal discount in consultation.