• Choose a place from where you will connect to our zoom meeting that offers you privacy. It is practical to choose a seat in the same room where you can lay down during the healing. Choose a place where your wi-fi is stable.
  • Gather everything you need for your comfort: something to drink, warm socks, a blanket, notebook, etc. Wear comfy clothes.
  • Do not drink alcohol and/or use drugs 24 hours before the healing. Alcohol makes your energy field heavy, which makes it more difficult to transform to a higher frequency. For Higher Self Alignment (Hara) healings this is 48 hours.
  • It can be nice to take some quiet, meditative time before the healing session starts.


  • Take time for yourself to integrate the healing session. This is really important. Do not go to work immediately after a session, or meet up with somebody. It is possible that you feel the energy pulsating in you after a session, settling into a new gained balance. Give that process the time it needs. If you have the luxury, it would be great to schedule a session on a day that you have no obligations. It is a day for yourself, dedicated to your healing process and your needs. Creating this time for yourself opens a vortex of healing possibilities.
  • Listen carefully to your needs. Your body and energy system will tell you exactly what it needs.
  • Do not drink alcohol or use drugs for the following 24 hours. For Higher Self Alignment (Hara) healings this is 48 hours.
  • After a healing session and the days after, it is possible that you experience all kind of feelings. You can feel great, deeply connected with yourself and the Divine. It is also possible that you feel vulnerable or emotional. When healing happens, the connected, suppressed emotions start to flow. This is a natural process of healing. In this way the old can be experienced so it makes place for the new. The only thing you need to do is let it flow. Be with yourself in loving kindness. You are supported, by the light world and your guides. You can even ask them for support in your process and they will offer you comfort.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • An extra note for Higher Self Alignments (Hara) Healings. These healings can create a significant shift in yourself, with deeper emotional releases. This shift can be clearly felt for days. I advise you to create easy days 2 or 3 days after the healing.