About Yara

The conscious journey as an energy healer started for me in 2011, when I received the calling with a touch of divine guidance. During my training as an Art Therapist, I realized something felt not right. My soul was not singing with the joy of living my purpose. A contemplative period of weeks followed. What was I here for? Carrying this question within, with a deep longing to find the answer, resulted in that summer evening that changed everything. While I walked outside with this question in my conscious awareness, I was hit by an energetic lightening knowing: it is the gift of energy healing that I am here to share. It was so sudden and resonated so deep within, that I immediately recognized it as truth. How happy I was!

In the following years I dedicated myself to extensive training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science.

I have specialized in themes that have my ongoing interest: Womb Healing, Higher Self-Alignment and Awakening. I see myself as a facilitator in the self-initiated healing process of my clients. I am a listener, a mirror and a partner in the process. My connection with the Divine has always been strong. It is with great joy that I hold this magical and healing frequency. I guide my clients with clarity, integrity, straight forwardness and loving compassion.

Being an energy healer is a total dedication to one’s own path of Remembrance. Healing the parts within that have forgotten their Love’s Origin, to be able to guide clients on their way of healing. It is a deep transformational path that I walk. And I tread this path with passion, happiness and fulfillment. I truly feel I have the most wonderful ‘job’ in the world! I am deeply honored to be part of the healing and awakening journey of my clients.

Education & Training

  • Light School Arts Womb Healing | 2021
  • Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science | 2021
    A 4 year professional study in energy healing and transformation.
  • Integratieve Massage | 2015
  • Holistic Pulsing | 2014
  • Bachelor in Art Therapy | 2012
  • A bunch of different courses and trainings in energy work, personal development and awakening

Some Inside Trivia About me

I live in the Netherlands, next to a beautiful National Park and the beach. I love nature, quiet time, reading, dancing, spiritual practice, surfing, gardening, swimming in nature. I am deeply in love with my long haired, beardy and musical talented partner and I have a quirky ginger cat.