The womb and genitals are an important center of a woman. On a physical, emotional and spiritual level. These centers are present in various areas of life: in pregnancy and sexuality, but it is also linked to qualities such as creativity, self-esteem, being a woman and a sense of safety.

Womb Healing happens in the area of the womb and vagina, in the subtle energetic dimension. I am deeply passionate about this work. It has called me, prepared me and now I am guided by the spirit world to provide the sacred work of Womb Healing.

The Sacred Womb & Yoni

The womb is a sacred and powerful place. It serves as the fundament of her feminine being, experiencing trust, self-worth and safety. It is the source from where her creativity wells up. It is the chalice that receives and reflects the Divine. And it has the potency to create and birth new life.

The yoni (vagina) is also a sacred sexual center in the woman. In tantric philosophy it is called the Yoni Temple. And that is what it is, a temple that should be approached with respect and love. By yourself and by others. The Yoni in her essence reflects and expresses your feminine, sexual essence.

In ancient times, women were strongly connected with the powers of the womb and womanhood. Sadly, there is a collective wounded feminine in this world. Being suppressed, used and silenced for thousands of years. This has left a deep imprint in women. Resulting in a separation from their womb power, their sexuality, sensuality, creativity and intuition.  In these times of rebalancing the Masculine and Feminine in the world, Womb Healing is of great value.

Wounding and disconnection of the female center

A wounding or disconnection can have several causes. It can be present in the feminine ancestry line, held in the matrix of her being by the collective distortion, caused by sexual trauma, trauma from past life’s, through accidents, by medical interventions,  by a traumatic birth, a mother-daughter wound, traumas of loss of a child and more.

Womb Healing

Womb healing is deep work. It heals trauma imprints and reconnect you with your feminine Essence, welcoming back your natural feminine presence. It clears the space for the life force to flow through, opening up for new life experiences that were blocked before. It connects you with the womb of the earth and the cosmos, so life can be experienced as interconnected, guided and supported.

“There is a black hole nested within your own womb, holding the power of Womb Enlightenment.

Your womb is a holographic daughter of the Womb of Creation, and contains the same miraculous potentials –  as above, so below.

When we choose to open this door while alive, we are reborn.”

Womb Awakening, A. & S. Bertrand

For Who

I work with women with a variety of needs and questions for help. From physical complaints, to trauma processing to creating spiritual meaning. Below is a list of examples. Feel free to contact me if your request for help is not listed.

  • When there is a disconnection experienced with one’s own femininity, self-worth, creativity, sensuality and sexuality.
  • Wanting to connect your heart energy with your sexuality, so that love can flow strongly during lovemaking.
  • Cleansing the energy of past lovers from your womb, to re-own your womb space and opening up for a new lover. Life shattering breakups can leave a traumatic imprint too, closing the womb and heart for new love relationships.
  • Cleansing residues of IUD’s. The imprints of objects in the womb can still be disturbing after being removed. It can influence or prevent menstruation or pregnancy.
  • Sexual trauma has a huge influence on the womb, leaving a deep wound. Womb healing can be of great support in these traumas. Because of the seriousness of these traumas, I advise you to work with a psychotherapist too. The experience is imprinted in the womb area. Energy healing clears and repairs this area. Left behind energy of the perpetrator is removed, helping in owning back the womb space, power and sexuality. It is possible that sexual trauma is not from this life, but from another lifetime or even passed on through the birth mother.
  • Mother-daughter wound. The space of the womb can be a difficult place to be, when a woman is rejected by her mother. It is the deep nurturing and loving connection with the mother that creates the basis for the connection with her own womb, femininity and sexuality.
  • Miscarriage and abortion leave a great mark on a woman. In both cases it is important to guide the soul of the child back into the light. This is a process of grieving, letting go and healing, what can be supported and guided by a womb healer. When medical intervention is used, there can be imprints from the instruments in the womb and yoni. Womb healing helps in clearing and healing that. Giving birth, miscarriage and abortion can cause ruptures in the energy field. Healing these ruptures fastens recovery. 
  • Aftercare after childbirth. Childbirth is a physically and energetically intense process and can cause tears in the energy field. Healing these energetic fractures speeds up recovery.
  • In case of a birth trauma. Even years later.
  • Menstruation and fertility issues. Clearing and healing the cause of these problems. A note: energy healing can help in fertility problems, but there is no guarantee.
  • Physical diseases in the area of the womb. Endometriosis, cervical cancer, etc. Problems with the vagina, like vaginism, repeating fungal infections or bladder infections. Womb healers work with the underlying cause of these problems.

Check the FAQ page for more information on energy healing and practicalities.

How I work

During the online sessions I create a sacred healing space for the client. In the healing sessions I combine my intuition, knowledge of energy healing techniques and specific guidance given by spirit helpers. I ‘listen’ on a deeper level to the need of the client and the consciousness of the area of presenting complaint. I open up for the high healing frequencies that come through my being and hands. I am the conductor, facilitating a healing space for clients in their self-initiated healing process.

Sessions start with sharing, reflecting and sensing in. The healing follows after that.

You are so welcome, with all of your longings, needs, fears, feelings and divine essence.


Intake 20 Minutes: Free

3 Healing Sessions 75 Minutes: 333 Euro

6 Healing Sessions 75 Minutes: 600 Euro

10 Healing Sessions 75 Minutes: 900 Euro

Single sessions are available after a completion of one of the packages. I do not offer single healing sessions on their own, because it is my experience that a healing process gets the change to deepen with more time, commitment and energy work. 

In the situation of insufficient financial resources, we can come to a personal discount in consultation.

Womb Healing Experiences

“The womb healing sessions have helped greatly with transforming the experience of menstruation from a very painful and dreaded experience to a beautiful and deeply connecting experience with my inner realms and womb. An experience that is now more tenderly embraced.”

“Three months before this womb healing, I had an abortion. Although it was a conscious choice to not continue the pregnancy, the grieve was deep. While laying down and receiving a womb healing, the soul of this child suddenly appeared to me and told me why he had come. What he came to learn me. It was wonderful to see and feel him, there was no anger or blame, only love and acceptance of what happened. This soul came and left for a reason and in that moment I understood. That was a great gift.”